Stipe Miocic: If I did what McGregor did

Current heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic (18-2-0), has always behaved. And he knows there are two very important people who will keep him in line. Miocic visited the ESPN studios on Tuesday to discuss his upcoming title defence against current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier (20-1-0, 1NC) at UFC 226 on July 7. But they also covered a number of topics including the recent Conor McGregor (21-3-0) rampage in Brooklyn.

Miocic was asked for his thoughts on McGregor’s shocking attack on a bus that resulted in two fighters being injured and 3 fights dropped from the UFC 223 card. McGregor is now facing charges of assault and criminal mischief. Miocic was in New York at the time, alongside several other UFC champions, but was not in attendance at the media day which McGregor disrupted.

He understands why McGregor targeted rival Khabib Nurmagomedov (26-0-0), but knows it would be bad news for him if he acted in that manner. Not just because of the reaction from UFC officials or the authorities:

Yeah, I would never do that. Like, to that point. I understand that he was trying to back his boy up, but also I understand you can’t be doing that. People got hurt. I’m constant, I’m always doing the right thing, that’s the way I was raised. And if I did that, honestly, my mom would destroy me. My wife would kill me. Like, who do you think you are? I would never do anything like that, I would just be who I am. I would do it a different way.

More of an immediate concern for Miocic is his title fight with Cormier. DC is a former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix winner and is moving back up from 205lbs to try and become a two-division champion. Miocic knows he has his hands full.

There’s a lot of concerns with Daniel. He’s an amazing fighter, he’s fought heavyweight before. He’s undefeated actually at heavyweight, but he hasn’t fought heavyweight in a while and he hasn’t fought anyone like me yet

You can check the rest of the UFC 226 card by visiting the official event page. Watch Miocic’s ESPN interview below:


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