UFC staff was “tossed around” during McGregor bus attack

The video of Conor McGregor (21-3-0) attacking Khabib Nurmagomedov’s (26-0-0) bus earlier this month will live in infamy. It was a ‘disgusting’ act by McGregor that resulted in a dolly being thrown through the bus window, shattering the glass and injuring multiple fighters. Even one UFC executive felt like he was “going to die”.

McGregor’s act of violence was shocking, even for a bus filled with professionally trained fighters. UFC lightweight fighter, Paul Felder (15-3-0), saw the action firsthand and remembers how surprised he was when it all went down:

I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “What is this guy doing?”. What is he on? What’s on his mind? You have everything going on in the world and this is how you act? I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought it was some of Khabib’s guys, but then I thought, “Wait, that’s Khabib’s bus”. Then I realized it was all the Irish guys and I was like “Oh shit!”. Then I saw Conor and I was like, “Oh my God!” There’s Conor running around in the Barclays Center and I couldn’t believe it. I was waiting for someone to pull out a serious weapon. Depending on who you are messing with, you don’t know what these guys are bringing with them. It was scary. I really felt for the UFC staff. I saw some of them getting tossed around and thrown around by some of Conor’s guys. They were in their 50’s too, they were not young guys that were out there. They weren’t fist fighting. They were just making a scene, throwing shit at a bus. It was just stupid.

Felder was originally scheduled to fight at UFC 223 before his opponent Al Iaquinta (13-4-1) was moved up to the main event to face Nurmagomedov, one of the toughest fighters on the UFC roster. It has been revealed that the bus attack was in retaliation for Nurmagomedov cornering the McGregor’s teammate Artem Lobov (14-14-1, 1NC) in the hotel earlier the week. McGregor flew his entire squad from Ireland to Brooklyn to even the score, but ended up causing harm to those not even aware of the situation.

Conor McGregor is likely to face serious legal action moving forward, but he’s lucky that things didn’t escalate even further than they did. If he had gained access onto the bus to encounter Nurmagomedov who knows what would have happened.

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