“Cool Hand” Luke Sanders is now a free agent

During the recent UFC on FOX 29 event, Luke Sanders (12-2-0) fought the final bout on his current UFC contract when he defeated Patrick Williams (8-6-0). Sanders signed a common four-fight UFC contract when joined the organization in early 2016. He won his debut, but then unfortunately lost his next two fights. He got back on track this weekend with a unanimous decision win over Williams.

It was revealed that Sanders is no longer contractually tied to the UFC. The promotion has a standard exclusive 90-day negotiation window, but nothing beyond that. Luke Sanders said he’d like to re-sign with the UFC, but only if he gets what he deserves:

That was my last fight on my contract. With that being said, I want to feel like I’m appreciated. Hopefully the right contract and the right opportunity presents itself now. I feel I am elite and I would like to be reciprocated financially in that way. The goal is to be in the top in the UFC, but I definitely want to get my worth. It’s a career. I’ve got to provide for my kid in the future and my girlfriend and my family. I want to help the people I love. I put in a lot of time and I grind a lot. I feel like I’m deserving of that kind of financial stability

Luke Sanders believes his performance at UFC on FOX 29 put him on a more advantageous ground in terms of getting what he wants.  He said it’s not the mere fact that he lost those fights which digs at him, but rather how he lost them. He was unquestionable beating Iuri Alcantara (36-9-0, 1NC) at UFC 209 before getting caught in a second-round kneebar. He was also against Andre Soukhamthath (12-6-0) at UFC Fight Night 123 before getting caught with fight-ending strikes. He took the losing streak very hard, but did his best not to be deterred by the situation. With that mentality, he was able to turn his luck around at UFC on FOX 29.

Coming off two-straight losses, it was like the hardest year of my life. That only came down to a matter of seconds. Those whole two fights, I was dominating those guys. I’m better than they are so it really took a hard hit for me last year to take those two losses to two guys I felt like should have beat. Just slow things down and be a smarter person and try to fix mistakes and try to do things better the first time instead of having to reevaluate it. Taking a hard look at it before you go into it and dissect it that way instead of do it like the bull and fix things after. Have to have the matador mentality.

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