Floyd Mayweather would lose to 14-year-olds in MMA

Former boxing kingpin, Floyd Mayweather, continues to tease a potential move to the UFC Octagon in the future. Vitor Belfort, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, doesn’t think he stands a chance of becoming a successful MMA fighter.

Vitor Belfort (26-13-0, 1NC) competed in boxing before starting his MMA career in 1996 and fought 40 times under MMA rules. He told the Brazilian media on Friday that he doubts Mayweather, one of the greatest boxers in history, would win against any fighter currently signed by the UFC:

I think he doesn’t have a chance even against the young kids, 15, 14-year olds. I don’t think he has a chance, no. He has a lot to learn on the ground, kicks. I think it’s an illusion (to say) that happens, unless it’s different rules or a fight in his world. With his arms, on his weight, he’s a phenom. Now, involving legs and other things, no chance.

Belfort will return to the Octagon and face Lyoto Machida on May 12. This is the last bout of his current deal with the UFC at UFC 224. Unless he receives an offer that convinces him to continue fighting, he plans to retire from the sport. Belfort sounded optimistic when discussing possible deals with other promotions that might pay him what he would consider good enough money to continue fighting:

The are many (promotions). We have the Russian billionaires, millions of places. The UFC itself. The UFC has a lot of money, they only need to do cards that sell. A fight between me and Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, bring Randy Couture back. How wouldn’t that sell, the league of legends?

Competing outside the UFC could also give Belfort a chance to once again be on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), banned by the athletic commissions in the Unites States in 2014.

In reality, I’m in disadvantage today and they are in advantage. I have a hormone deficiency and everybody knows that. You can have a TUE, an exemption. They are in advantage against me. But it’s fine, it’s part of life/ Sports have to chance a lot. People with deficiencies, asthma and other deficiencies, have the right to balance things

Belfort is also open to the possibility of boxing again and mentioned Mayweather’s name:

Isn’t he the champion, undefeated? We (can) fight Mayweather. I’ll wear bigger gloves, he (wears) a small one.

What do you think? Is it possible for Floyd Mayweather to become a successful MMA fighter in the UFC?

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